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Do Hard Things: Brain Development

I recently watched an Instagram Story about the essential skills young people learn through doing hard things. As a therapist who is intentional about understanding brain science developments and how they can help my work with my clients, I could not help but think about why we need to do hard things.

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video explaining why to do hard things

Doing Hard Things Impact Your Life

Here are five things a young person learns by doing hard things that can have a significant impact on their future:

  1. Resilience: Facing difficult challenges teaches young people how to bounce back from setbacks and persevere in the face of adversity. This resilience is a valuable skill that will serve them well in navigating future obstacles and achieving their goals.
  2. Problem-solving skills: Confronting challenging situations requires creative problem-solving and critical thinking. By tackling hard tasks, young people learn to think analytically, evaluate options, and develop effective solutions, which are essential skills for success in both personal and professional life.
  3. Self-confidence: Accomplishing difficult tasks builds self-confidence and self-efficacy. When young people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, they gain a sense of pride in their abilities and develop a belief in their capacity to tackle future challenges with determination and resilience.
  4. Adaptability: Hard experiences often require young people to adapt to new circumstances and learn to thrive in unfamiliar environments. By facing and overcoming difficult challenges, they learn to be flexible, open-minded, and resourceful, which are crucial qualities for success in a rapidly changing world.
  5. Grit: Doing hard things requires persistence and determination. Through perseverance, young people develop grit—the ability to stay focused, motivated, and dedicated to their goals, even when faced with setbacks or obstacles. Grit is a key predictor of long-term success and achievement in various aspects of life.
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