12 Week ADHD Program

Our 12-week program is designed to empower you with practical skills and insights. Delve into understanding ADHD, unravel the neuroscience behind it, and gain strategies for effective time
management and organization. Elevate your goal-setting abilities, refine your focus, and learn to navigate the emotional landscape that often accompanies ADHD.

Through interactive sessions and actionable plans, each block builds upon the other, creating a
comprehensive roadmap. From conquering time management challenges to fostering emotional
resilience and building healthy habits, this program is your guide to a more focused, organized, and emotionally balanced life. Join us on this transformative path as you reclaim control and unlock your full potential. Your ADHD journey is about to take a remarkable turn—let's thrive together!

ADHD comes with its unique set of challenges, impacting executive functioning, lifestyle, and emotional well-being. Daily tasks become hurdles, focus wavers, and emotions can be overwhelming. The struggle is real, but there's a way forward.

Executive Functioning, Lifestyle, and Emotional Skills

Block 1: Understanding ADHD
- Session 1: Introduction to ADHD, its characteristics, and common challenges.
- Session 2: The neuroscience of ADHD and how it affects executive functions.

Block 2: Time Management and Organization
- Session 3: Effective time management strategies.
- Session 4: Techniques for organizing tasks and creating routines.

Block 3: Goal Setting and Prioritization
- Session 5: Enhance motivation for the specific SMART Goals you created
- Session 6: Prioritizing tasks and breaking them into manageable steps.

Block 4: Focus and Attention
- Session 7: Techniques to improve focus and reduce distractions.
- Session 8: Mindfulness and meditation for attention regulation.

Block 5: Emotional Regulation
- Session 9: Recognizing and managing emotions related to ADHD.
- Session 10: Stress management and coping strategies.

Block 6: Building Healthy Habits
- Session 11: Sleep hygiene and its impact on ADHD symptoms.
- Session 12: Physical activity, nutrition, and their role in managing ADHD.

The building blocks of our 12 week program

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