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Anxiety Hack: Learn

Anxiety Blog Post #4

By Jason Collins

Here we are at the end of our series of anxiety hacks. Make sure to go back and review those if you need to. So far we’ve learned to capture our anxious thoughts, to name them and frame them, and we’ve replaced those thoughts by going to our “happy place.” What’s next?…

Anxiety Hack #4: Learn From It!

See, once you’ve done the first three steps, now you can go back to that worried or anxious thought because now you know exactly what it is. You’ve exposed the lie. You’ve reminded yourself of the truth. And now you can learn something and do better the next time you have the same thought or something similar. The next time your thoughts want to try to take you down the drain with them, you’ll be able to recognize it sooner. It’s like when that thought hits your mind the next time, you can say – “Hey, I know you! I remember that thought. And that’s a lie. That’s just me predicting the future or over-generalizing. I don’t have to follow that thought. I’ll just replace it with what I know is right and healthy and true.”

Learning from our past and even from our failures is one of the best ways to bring about change in your life. And the more you do this, the easier it gets because you are literally rewiring your brain. You’re teaching your brain new patterns of thinking. And you’re healing those places where negative thinking has done damage. Book Now

Now, of course, it won’t happen all at once. Remember, this is a practice. Something you do over and over again that’s retraining you to overcome the places where you’ve developed a bad habit. You’re turning a bad habit into a good one. And bad habits don’t go away overnight. So practice patience and compassion for yourself.

For some of us, dwelling on negative, anxious thoughts is our normal. And sometimes it almost feels right and good to us. It’s why sometimes we feed off of worry and just sit and wallow in it. Anxiety becomes almost like a friend or companion.

But these four steps, if you’ll practice them and repeat them over and over again – they will work. And they will create a new habit that your brain can settle into. And I can say that to you because I have done this myself and it is working for me.

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