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Anxiety Hack: Happy Place

Anxiety Blog Post #3

by Jason Collins

So far in this series of anxiety hacks we’ve discovered two steps in our process. First, we capture the anxious thought. Next, we name it and frame it. (check out the previous blogs if you need to catch up). Now, let’s move on to step three…

Anxiety Hack #3: Go to Your Happy Place

I’ll admit that may sound a little silly to some of you, but stick with me for just a moment.

Once you’ve identified the distorted thought that you’re believing, it’s important for you to refocus your mind. Find something that is true and good and lovely. And place your mind on that thing. Dwell on that thought and follow that thought where it leads instead of following the distortion down while it “circles the drain.” And when you do that, here’s what you’re doing. You’re actually creating a new pathway for your brain. You’re creating a new groove for your mind to sit in and it’s a much better one. You’re training your mind to dwell on the positive and not the negative.

Now, how do you do this? Well, maybe you could bring to mind a good memory. Something that brings you joy or makes you laugh and you roll that around your brain for a while. Everybody has pictures on their phone. Why not take out your phone and scroll through some pictures of family or friends sharing some good memories together.

I have an app on my phone that shows me pictures I took on this date throughout the years. And it’s sometimes days that I’d forgotten and it reminds me – This is the day we were at that restaurant together. Or the day my daughter started crawling. When we took that hike or went to that park. Just good memories. And I’ll sometimes send one or two of those to my wife and my daughters to remind them of our good times over the years. Book Now

And just a few moments of dwelling on those good and excellent things puts my mind and my mood in a better place. And then I’m in a better position, a better state of mind to do the final step. And that’s what we’ll explore in our next post…

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