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Honoring Our Heroes and Learning About Their Struggles: Veterans Day

by Adam Glendye

On this Veterans Day, we come together to salute the brave individuals who have dedicated their lives to preserving our freedom. Our military personnel, both past and present, have made incredible sacrifices to ensure we live in a world where liberty and opportunities thrive. As we pay our respects and gratitude, it’s vital to recognize the mental health challenges veterans face as they transition into civilian life. Let’s explore five of these challenges and how we can support them in their journey.

Christopher Duke- Army Infantry

1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): The Invisible Battle

The trauma experienced in combat can leave lasting scars. PTSD is a silent adversary, often causing anxiety, nightmares, and emotional distress. Supporting veterans means fostering a safe space for them to share their experiences and seek professional help without stigma.

2. Depression: Navigating the Abyss

Many veterans battle depression as they transition into civilian life. Feelings of isolation and the loss of the close-knit military community can exacerbate these emotions. Reach out to veterans, spend time with them, and encourage them to connect with support networks and mental health professionals.

3. Substance Abuse: Coping with Pain

Some veterans turn to substance abuse as a way to self-medicate and numb emotional pain. Understanding that substance abuse is a response to suffering rather than a choice can help guide veterans toward healthier coping mechanisms. Encourage them to seek treatment and rehabilitation when needed.

4. Anxiety: The Uncertainty of the Future

The uncertainty of civilian life, job prospects, and reintegration into society can lead to anxiety. Offering veterans reassurance, connecting them with employment opportunities, and being patient during their transition can alleviate these worries.

5. Suicidal Thoughts: The Darkest Hour

Tragically, some veterans grapple with suicidal thoughts. It’s crucial to take such thoughts seriously. Encourage open conversations, provide access to crisis helplines, and assist veterans in seeking immediate professional help.

Local Support System:

The Eden Project is a local Warrior Support Foundation in Fayetteville, GA.

  • No one knows veterans like other veterans. Dozens of studies have been conducted over the past several years and all indicated the same thing; peer groups are one of the most effective means for a person to reconnect to themselves, their family and their community. The PHOE3NIX FORCE® is our proprietary peer group for veterans. Our concept embodies the “rise out of the ashes” spirit of a warrior with the emphasis on our 3 Es of – Engaging, Encouraging, Empowering each other. Each peer group is made up of 6 to 8 warriors. Our groups focus on developing positive thinking habits, being mindful, developing personal strengths, building closer relationships with others, learning to appreciate life, being open to new possibilities and deepening their spiritual development. We do this in a safe, trusting environment of other veterans while serving the community and building lasting bonds with other warriors.
  • Our date nights are designed to create special moments and memories that couples need to reconnect and maintain strong bonds. We offer a variety of different dates that include massage, yoga, cooking, arts and crafts, and community service, while discussing topics like communication skills, intimacy, personality styles and a few others. Whether separated from the service recently or many years ago every military veteran couple is welcome. Couples join our date nights and meet other couples who want to rebuild or strengthen their relationships while deepening their own.


Our veterans have protected our freedoms with unwavering dedication and bravery. On this Veterans Day, let us not only honor their sacrifices but also acknowledge the mental health challenges they face. By extending our support, understanding, and empathy, we can help these heroes transition into civilian life with strength and resilience. Together, we can ensure that the opportunities they’ve fought for are accessible to them as well.

At The Pursuit, a group of experienced therapists have come together to offer best in class counseling services. By partnering with local organizations like The Eden Project we holistically help our local veterans by pointing to peer support along with clinical support. We prioritize clinical theory, non-judgmental approaches, and effective interventions, treatment plans, and coping skills.
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