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LiveWell Workshops at The Pursuit

Raise your hand if you know a teen girl who could use some help in managing the stress and anxiety that comes with schoolwork these days.  Or maybe you have a daughter or granddaughter who struggles with body image… or could use some help with developing healthier relationships (aka the non-social media only type). Most of us probably have at least one girl that comes to mind. 

This summer, at The Pursuit Counseling, we hope to help through a series of summer wellness workshops designed specifically for teenage girls. And not just because we like helping (we do!)…but because we care about the future of the community we call home. We believe that supporting teenage girls now can have ripple effects for future generations…it’s bigger than just a summer workshop! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the inspiration behind the workshops? 

The vision for these workshops started with a desire to help high school girls learn skills to navigate stress and anxiety, learn how to have healthy relationships, learn how to be kinder to themselves, and ultimately how to live into the truest version of who they are – but not just for themselves- but also for the community around them. 

What will be the focus and format? 

Each workshop will focus on a different component of wellness. We will start with growth and creativity, and then move on to other areas such as  movement, nutrition, leadership, organization, and mindfulness. Each workshop will have relevant content, time for discussion, and an activity that will hopefully be both fun, engaging, and helpful. 

Who is this workshop designed for and how do they sign up? 

This group is designed for the high school girl that may be struggling with friendships, test anxiety, or who may be struggling with body image. They are also for the girl that may be taking on too much and needs to learn better balance and organizational skills. It’s also for the teen girl that needs to know that she’s not alone in the struggle.

What are the topics? 

  1. Growth and Creativity
  2. Movement and Ecotherapy
  3. Nutrition and Relationships
  4. Spiritual Health and Mindfulness
  5. Organization
  6. Leadership and Purpose

How do I sign my teen up? 

There are two ways to sign up! 

  1. Sign Up Here
  2. Email Mary Laughlin, APC at

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