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Veteran and Community Leader: Bren Briggs

Meeting Bren Briggs

I had the privilege of sitting down with Bren Briggs, a Marine, retired Army Officer, Corporate Leader, and Community Servant, for an insightful conversation about his journey and the founding of The Eden Project, a veteran non-profit.

From Military to Civilian Life

To start, Briggs shares his experience transitioning from military to civilian life after years of service. He discusses the challenges he faced and the need for support services like those provided by The Eden Project.

Navigating VA and Tricare Claims

Additionally, Briggs offers valuable insights into navigating the complexities of VA and Tricare claims, drawing from his own experiences and the experiences of those he has served through The Eden Project.

The Eden Project: A One-Stop Shop

Additionally, The Eden Project serves veterans as a one-stop shop, providing comprehensive support services tailored to their unique needs. Briggs discusses the importance of community partners like The Pursuit Counseling and Real Life Center in supporting his veterans.

Empowering Veterans

Furthermore, Briggs’s dedication to serving veterans through The Eden Project is inspiring. Also, His commitment to providing holistic support services and empowering veterans to navigate civilian life is a testament to his leadership and compassion. Watch our full interview on YouTube to learn more about Bren Briggs and The Eden Project‘s impactful work in the veteran community.

Full Interview

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