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Creatives: Navigating College

Young Creatives Navigating College

Picking a major in college can be difficult for anyone, but finding balance between your existing creative skills and a major can bring even more challenges. As a creative, you possess artistic abilities that can often feel restrained when examining the requirements of some college majors. Although finding a perfect major that captures all of any person’s unique talents and interests is next to impossible, here are some reflections for navigating finding a major that builds upon your existing skillset.

What do you want out of college?

It might seem trivial to ask, but knowing your end goal will help determine your starting point. Are you seeking this college degree for the skillset it provides, the connections it can bring, the experience of being in college overall? Perhaps, college can become a way of expanding your skillset into new horizons previously unknown. 

What skills and subjects can you learn exclusively in college?

While many skills are transferable via platforms such as YouTube, there are numerous career paths and majors that are best suited within the college setting. For a personal example, I chose to formally study psychology and criminology throughout college since these two fields have set subject matter and skill sets that are not easily found online.

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College Life

How do you want to walk across the graduation stage?

Are you looking to get involved in extracurricular opportunities? It is not uncommon to find common interests among fellow students that allows you to express your artistic talents outside of the classroom. Whether its directly (classes in your major) or indirectly (activities around campus) look for spaces where you can continue to nurture and grow your creative abilities during this time of life.

Change happens (and it’s common)! 

College students change majors many times. Although estimates vary, the national average for major changes tends to be around 3 times for the entirety of the time in college. Give yourself grace for making new discoveries and altering your course. Changing your major is not the end of the road, it is just a new pathway that was hidden previously.

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