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Cutting: Mindfulness Strategies to Heal

“I cut to detach and to find a type of relief that disconnects my mind, the racing thoughts that
overflow and the feelings I don’t show, I won’t show.” Staci, age 16.

Mindfulness-based strategies have demonstrated effectiveness in coping with negative emotions
associated with self-injurious behavior. By definition, mindfulness is a therapeutic technique
achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while acknowledging and
accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Staci, captured in the quote above, engages in mindfulness practice in effort to reduce stress and
regulate her emotion to prevent urges to self harm. For example, she practices mindfulness by
completing a diary card on an iphone app that allows her to reflect and journal about each day.
Another example is Mindful Swimming and Walking. This allows Staci to clear her mind,
reduces stress and anxiety, allows her to be present, appreciate health, and have gratitude. She
also has an emotional support animal that provides companionship on her walks. The third
example is Mindful Music and Dancing because our bodies have a natural inner rhythm. Staci
finds peace and calm when listening and dancing to her playlist of Mitzi or Doja cat. The fourth
example is mindful cooking and eating to reduce stress and anxiety, promote happiness, improve
concentration and allow being present. The final and most preferred example is using a self-care
box. It
includes mindful activities such as inspirational books, journals, essential oils,
aromatherapy, beauty skincare, bath and body care products + sweets and goodies, takis,
crossword sudoku puzzle, favorite novel, etc.

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