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COVID-19 Impact in 2024 for Young Adults

by Adam R Glendye LPC, CPCS

“It’s midnight and I am searching Reddit to ask if other 25-year-olds are in the same place that I am… I graduated college during COVID-19. I spent the last year of college in my apartment or dorm wearing a mask. I also graduated with the world on lockdown and I was not able to get a “good job” like I was hoping to upon graduation. It’s 2024 and I’m still blaming COVID that I’m single, under-employed, my only friends are online, and I’m living in my parent’s basement.” -Several of our 20-28-year-old Clients

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Many people in their 20s are having a hard time overcoming the effects of COVID-19 on their personal and professional development. Having your hopes of landing a job with a Fortune 500, continuing your education online, getting the internships that would help you land the job of your dreams, and getting office hours with professors was not an option during CoVid. Your social life of hanging out in student centers, playing intramural sports, studying in the library, or hanging out at bars and football stadiums was not an option.

One of the areas that we are working with our clients on is developing soft skills to help with social anxiety and professional development. Here are five tips to help them enhance their soft skills:

  1. Communication Skills: Practice effective communication by actively listening to others, expressing ideas clearly and concisely, and adapting your communication style to different situations. Engage in virtual networking events, online workshops, or public speaking opportunities to improve your communication skills in a digital environment.
  2. Adaptability: Cultivate adaptability by embracing change and learning to thrive in uncertain situations. Demonstrate flexibility by quickly adjusting to new work environments, technologies, or project requirements. Reflect on your experiences during the lockdowns and identify how you successfully adapted to challenges, then apply those lessons to future situations.
  3. Emotional Intelligence: Develop emotional intelligence by understanding and managing your own emotions while also empathizing with others. Practice self-awareness by recognizing your emotions and their impact on your behavior. Additionally, enhance your ability to navigate interpersonal relationships by showing empathy, resolving conflicts constructively, and building strong rapport with colleagues and clients.
  4. Problem-Solving Skills: Hone your problem-solving skills by approaching challenges with a proactive mindset and seeking creative solutions. Practice critical thinking by analyzing complex problems, identifying root causes, and brainstorming innovative strategies to address them. Use real-life scenarios from the lockdown period as case studies to develop your problem-solving abilities.
  5. Time Management and Organization: Improve your time management and organizational skills to increase productivity and efficiency in your work. Set clear goals and priorities, create structured schedules, and use tools like calendars and task management apps to stay organized. Reflect on how you managed your time and responsibilities during the lockdowns, and identify areas for improvement to optimize your workflow in the future. BOOK NOW for our 12-session ADHD Program to help overcome time management and organizational struggles.

By focusing on these soft skills development tips, young professionals can enhance their professional competencies and adaptability in the post-lockdown work environment.

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