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Vacation after Vacation

By Mary Laughlin

I’ve often overheard friends saying, “I need the vacation after the vacation” after coming home
from a recent trip. They feel worn out from all the doing, or lack of soul-filling activities. They
may have sacrificed what they wanted for family members too often, or tried to squeeze in too
many things in a short amount of time. They may have felt anxious on flights, or anxious being
away from home.
While all of this may be true, travel can have gifts for our mental health, if we can have a
little intentionality towards what brings us joy and give our mind, body, and spirit some breathing
room. The following are a few ideas that can help you come back with greater clarity, rest, and
focus…even if it means a few extra loads of laundry.

  1. Leave the laptop (at home if at all possible). I’ll be honest, this one is difficult for me
    because my laptop feels like a security blanket. I prefer it to my phone because, well, it
    has a bigger screen and is easier to type on. It also houses my work software platform,
    which is more difficult to view on my phone. It may sound like a small thing, but
    disconnecting from the physical presence of my laptop (and what it symbolizes) gave me
    headspace to experience more of what was around me.
  2. Be present..which means you may need to… also disconnect from social media. You
    may have expected this one. It can be challenging for some because it allows people to
    share their experiences and photos with friends and family. But…it also takes away from
    us being truly present where we are. Instead of posting photos, try this…try taking in the
    place you are visiting through your senses. What do you see around you? What types of
    people live in the place you are visiting? What are their rituals/routines? What types of
    smells and sounds do you notice? How can you immerse yourself in the culture of a city,
    or the landscape of a national park? Can you touch the sand, or sample the cuisine from
    a local restaurant?
  3. Try something you normally enjoy in the city you are visiting. This one may sound
    simple, but can give you a completely different experience…and a way to talk to the
    locals instead of just seeing the sights. I recently tried a yoga class when I was traveling
    overseas. While I’ve participated in many classes in the states, my experience in taking
    a class in an international city challenged me to find where I was going and learn from
    someone I would likely never see again. My teacher started the class by having us introduce
    ourselves to the people on either side of us, something I’ve never done before in a class.
    This friendly gesture gave me a glimpse into the values of the city I was visiting.
  4. Give yourself some margin. You may be traveling to see the sights or you may be
    traveling for rest. Either way, give yourself a permission slip to respond to what your
    body, mind, and spirit need in the moment. Most of us have pretty full schedules, and we
    have to compartmentalize our days. It can be a refreshing change to take inventory of
    what you need as you go. This could look like taking a coffee break, a nap, or maybe
    reading a book that interests you. It could be spending some time just being still.

Traveling can be a refreshing and energizing experience that can give us greater mental clarity
and overall health. As Oliver Wendell Holmes once penned, “A mind that is stretched by a new
experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

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