“I am so afraid to make a choice. I feel like any decision I make will end up being the wrong one…”. We hear so many clients make statements just like this one. Are you, too, afraid of taking risks? In previous blogs, we have discussed Risk-Taking when it comes to Mental Health Disorders. Today […]

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Fear of Risk-Taking


Have you ever wanted to do something so much that you were willing to risk it all? Have you been willing to ask the person on a date at the chance of rejection? Were you ever up for a promotion but were afraid to take it because you might not be good enough for the […]

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What is the Risk?


If you have ADHD, establishing and maintaining a morning routine can feel like an uphill battle. We hear from our ADHD clients that getting their morning routine down is one of the most challenging tasks… and this happens before their day even gets started. I have trouble waking up in the mornings Did you know […]

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Morning Routine for ADHD


If you are a parent, there is nothing more complex than navigating your family work schedules and the kids’ summer schedules. I’ve heard someone refer to the summer as their personal Olympic Decathlon of managing their work calendars, their kids schedules, and trying to find a moment to relax for themselves. For those who are […]

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Summer Schedules: Parenting and Date Night


Today we are going to explore the question: “What is Mindfulness?” Before you read any more of this blog, take a look around you. What do you notice? Without moving from where you are, what do you see? Can you see the sky out of a window? Or maybe there’s a pen or a book […]

unrecognizable female meditating on grass in highlands on sunny day

Mind Full or Mindful: Mindfulness Benefits


Is my teen ready to be a college student? In our area of Georgia, the desire for students to get into amazing colleges is something that is at the top of parent’s minds. Parents choosing “the right school zone” to get their kids registered in a great elementary, middle, and high school district and zone […]

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College Student: Is My Teen Ready?


Do I need a new office chair to help the pain in my neck? I’m working really hard to meet the deadline on a project that will be very helpful to my business. The outcome of working a few extra hours a week is going to pay off when I finish this project. Every few […]

white rolling armchair beside table

My Neck Hurts. Do I Need a New Office Chair?


Recently we have been discussing the connection between our gut and our brain. Today we want to discuss a common question from our clients: Why does my stomach hurt in the morning? Do you avoid eating in the morning because your stomach might get upset? If so, you are not alone. Anxiety Might be One […]

woman suffering from a stomach pain

Why Does My Stomach Hurt in the Morning?


Trauma profoundly affects millions of people each year, shaping mental health in complex ways. This is where Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) steps in. Developed by Dr. Diana Fosha in the late 1990s, AEDP is a relatively new psychotherapeutic approach designed to foster recovery from trauma by transforming emotional suffering into a journey of self-discovery […]

photo of man sitting on a cave refelcting on trauma counseling

Trauma Counseling for Recovery: AEDP


This week, the US Surgeon General proposed to congress to plead for Warning Labels on the Social Media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTock, and X.

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Warning Labels on Social Media

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