The core principles of the 12 Steps can offer profound benefits well beyond the sphere of substance recovery. Whether you’re struggling with addiction, looking for personal growth, or simply seeking a more fulfilled life, the 12 Steps can offer valuable guidance.

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12 Steps Can Benefit Everyone


Raise your hand if you know a teen girl that could use some help in managing the stress and anxiety that comes with schoolwork these days.  Or maybe you have a daughter or granddaughter that struggles with body image… or could use some help with developing healthier relationships (aka the non-social media only type).

LiveWell Workshops at The Pursuit


Building intimacy in a relationship involves enhancing emotional closeness, understanding, and connection. Here are five ways a couple can build intimacy based on Sternberg’s theory:

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Building Healthy Relationships


Portrayal in AEDP is a powerful therapeutic tool that brings to light deep emotional insights and fosters accelerated healing

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Power of Portrayal


We can never completely rid ourselves of negative emotions. They are a constant in life. And that may sound like bad news. But in reality, learning how to experience emotions when they come is the best way to reduce their negative effects on our lives.

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How to Deal with Negative Emotions


The Change Triangle does not only help in understanding one’s emotional landscape but also promotes emotional health by teaching skills to better manage and respond to feelings.

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Trauma Therapy Change Triangle


Yet, when life is hard, there is an opportunity for growth, resilience, and transformation.

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When Life is Hard


How we prevent burnout for ourselves and our teams is just as important as the building blocks of a healthy life: diet, sleep, and exercise. Developing and maintaining our mental health and relational health is essential if we want to be healthy and prevent burnout.

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Prevent Burnout


I recently watched an Instagram Story about the essential skills young people learn through doing hard things. As a therapist who is intentional about understanding brain science developments and how they can help my work with my clients, I could not help but think about why we need to do hard things. Video Link Doing […]

Do Hard Things: Brain Development


In my work with couples and parents, one of the consistent dilemmas they bring up is the struggle with their teens and tweens over internet usage, cell phones, and social media.

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The Anxious Generation

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